What’s happening with Reverie Books?

Dear Friends,

Its been a big month over here of figuring out how to order only 1,000 books out of the universe of books, which is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Who can say no to any of these books? It’s like discarding children (who are now out of the house and back at school, may the odds be ever in our favor).

I hesitantly suggest to you that we will try for a soft opening the second week of September (donors, stay tuned). Whether or not we will actually open depends on the arrival speed of the books to the store. I think it’s going to work out for this time frame, and I’ll keep you posted. I hear they show up on big pallets which may or may not be during rainstorms and that one must be very, very prepared.

Want to buy books from Reverie before we even open? You can do it, through Bookshop.org! Reverie will receive 30% of any book you order so long as you have us as your beneficiary. It’s a great alternative to Amazon, and it supports us the way you want to.

In the meantime…

We’ve built out this cute display for our cards from Lady Pilot Press, Paper Anchor, Pop + Paper, Bower Studio, and more! This was even more fun than ordering books, partly because I was less attached and partly because there are some very, very funny people out there making cards.

It doesn’t look like much at the moment, but those little yellow post-its indicate placement of donor-sponsored shelves! Going through everyone’s lists and ordering your books was a complete joy. You are wonderful people with love and humor in your hearts and I promise we’ll use something better than post-its for your shelves this week.

Check out this shelf from Typewriter Rodeo!

They write custom poems. On really cool typewriters. And they’re awesome. Read more about them here.

Love, Reverie Books