CLOSED: Part Time Bookseller I is now closed.

Part-time Bookseller I Position Description

Casual description:

This is a terrible job. The hours move around, the pay is low, there’s no health care or retirement for employees or owner and we are plagued by small children and animals. There is far too much computer and the boxes are heavy. Nobody should take this job unless they really just love small indie bookstores and want to spend time there.
On the upside, working here will help you learn what it is to run a bookstore and offer access to trainings and publishing reps and authors. All things must be done by only a few people (selecting books! Great! Mopping! Not so great!), so you can see the spectrum of what it takes to manage a store. The community is wonderful and there is much joy to be had for the right personality. The right personality is calm, capable, and has perspective on what constitutes a crisis and what does not. And is frankly unafraid of an excel spreadsheet.

Formal description:

This part-time bookseller will spend most of their time on the sales floor helping readers connect with their next literary journey and working on receiving, returns, and day-to-day operational tasks. This position is currently scheduled for a 20-25 hour per week schedule (ideally Sundays and Tuesdays with Wed-Thurs closing shifts, but this can be up for discussion) at $12/hr with opportunity to grow in hours and salary dependent on store success. Seasonal work (Nov-Jan) may require more hours. This is not a summer job for a student.
The ideal candidate will enjoy spending time in a little bookstore, be an avid partner to realizing the mission of Reverie and growing the business, be passionate about books and community giving, good with spreadsheets, flexible in schedule and attitude, and with a laid-back perspective on life that comes with experience. Candidate must be 18+ and able to close the store at night.

The job requires that the bookseller help the store run efficiently and provide extraordinary customer service.

Major Responsibilities
• Work to engage customers and provide helpful information or recommendations.
• Manage all in-store inquiries.
• Operate the cash register and store computer to accept payments, place orders, make change adhering to safe cash handling procedures including balancing cash drawer and preparing bank deposits.
• Stock shelves and take inventory.
• Manage the info@ emails and replies while on duty
• Receive new books and log them into the system.
• Fulfill special orders and subscriptions
• Process needed returns
• Contribute occasionally to the social media content.
• Visit the post office as needed.
• Update the website and social media as needed with items such as event updates.
• Provide general store cleaning that could include: vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, plant watering, and dusting and straightening shelves, displays, and register areas.
• Fill-in for owner when owner is out of town
• Responsible key holder with opening and closing responsibilities
• Work with interns during their shifts and delegate tasks as specified
• Maintain a hassle free customer service culture, focus on solutions-based selling and an exceptional customer experience.

• Associate’s Degree or equivalent is preferred
• 1 – 3 years retail or bookstore experience preferred
• General Computer Skills required, excel wizardry preferred
• Ability to organize and prioritize workload
• Effective verbal and written communication
• Friendly and engaging personality
• Ability to stand for long periods of time and lift boxes of books and not mind the close quarters and total lack of storage space.

About Reverie Books
Reverie Books is Austin’s newest queer-owned woman-owned indie bookstore with a mission of representing marginalized voices and supporting our local community through inclusion and philanthropy. Opened September 2021 in the midst of the pandemic, Reverie has in a few short months already gained community support and won the Best of Austin 2022 Chronicle award. Reverie is owned by Thais Perkins in partnership with Mary Ann Cicala, her wife, and is a family business where their children Sparrow and Elle can oftentimes be seen running the register and helping out around the place, when they can be bothered with it.

To Apply: Please email your resume and brief cover letter to admin@reveriebooks.com

Spring High School Internship (CLOSED)

Eligibility: Must be enrolled in high school with available transportation (car, bus, parents).

Term: Jan – May 2023

Hours: 4-6 hours/ wk @ $10/hr

Schedule: TBD, depending on availability.

Goal: To develop skills necessary to work in the bookselling industry

Skills: Book research, Leadership, Data Management, Customer Service

Specific Tasks:

  • Coordinate Reverie’s YA Banned Book Club, meeting ~every 2 weeks over the summer.
  • Interface with authors of banned books to schedule their interactions with the club
  • Organize Young Adult advance reading copies and communicate with YA reviewers to build sense of community, expand membership, and ensure reviews are completed on time.
  • Research YA frontlist and award-winning titles and participate with Owner in selection
  • Post on social media regarding YA titles twice weekly (Facebook and Instagram)
  • Write “{Name} Recommends” paragraph on one book per newsletter to be chosen with Owner
  • Create shelf talkers (reviews) for display on new YA books
  • General, supervised running of the register as needed
  • General daily cleaning at beginning of shift
  • Potential to open, but not close, the store without supervision once trained (TBD)
  • Culminates in required written report on internship experience to receive final pay

To Apply: Please email your resume and brief cover letter to admin@reveriebooks.com