About Reverie Books


  • August 17, 2022. Publisher’s Weekly. A Publisher’s Tour of Texas Bookstores by Michael Reynolds. “Reverie Books in South Austin is an exemplary, beautifully designed neighborhood store that also has the makings of a first-rate destination store with its inventory of quality bestsellers mixed, sometimes provocatively, with titles by LGBTQ and feminist writers and books by independent presses and writers of color.”
  • Summer 2022. Austin Chronicle. Best Tiny Bookshop Award 2022.
    “You walk through the slight aisles of South Austin’s Reverie Books, perhaps clutching a Captain Quackenbush cold brew in one hand and a copy of Transgender Warriors by Leslie Feinberg in the other. In a bigger space, your fellow patrons would be miles away, but in the confines of Reverie’s cozy store space, other bibliophiles’ conversations about how good House of Leaves was or if they finished Beloved for class yet are near enough to be a brief real-time podcast. It’s quaint; it’s comforting; it’s the perfect tiny bookstore of your literary dreams.”
  • March 29 2022. Austin-American Statesman. 10 book people you’ve gotta know in Austin’s literary world by Sharyn Vane. “In the short time Reverie has been open, Perkins has partnered with nearby Crockett High School to provide customer-sponsored sets of books for classrooms; created a fund to pay for queer-themed books for teens who wouldn’t otherwise have access; and hosted a drop site for BRAVE Communities’ recent citywide book drive for diverse titles.
  • Oct 22 2021. The Feminist Kitchen. Reverie Books is keeping the dream of South Austin alive and well by Addie Broyles. “Perkins says that hers is one of many indie bookstores that have opened during the pandemic, which from a commercial perspective seems counter-intuitive. But when thinking from the point of view of what’s best for the community, it’s exactly what we needed.”
  • November 13 2021. Associated Press. Prize-winning 1619 Project now coming out in book form By Hillel Italie.