Our Consignment Program

Reverie Books is a tiny store but reserves a small amount of shelf space for local authors that fit within our mission to build community and elevate underrepresented voices. Consignment is energy-intensive for staff, and we do not have a dedicated staff position to consignments. That being said, if you feel your book is a good fit for Reverie for a good reason, feel free to send an email inquiry explaining why. We will accept some, but not all, pitches for review. Good pitches will come from very, very local authors, fit with existing stock, and be from nice people.

Please do not: send a form with no explanation, drop a book off unsolicited, stick your book onto shelves without approval. These forms/books will be tossed. Please also do not send an email explaining the book is only available on Amazon. This is an insult.

Please do: Read up on what makes a good fit/event/understand who we are first. Make your case over email and, once approved, drop a book off for review by the owner with the accompanying form. Please also be exceedingly patient, as consignments are the last things that get done around here.

More guidance, policy and a form can be downloaded below. Don’t send the form unless asked.